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Bespoke participatory projects draw on the companies strengths of creating playful environments in which children and adults can explore, play and learn.


We use lots of visual stimulation from everyday objects, toys, fabrics and recycled materials and create soundscapes with simple home-made instruments.  We use puppetry, shadow and light play, stories and traditional games.


Fundamental to our approach is creating space for children and participants to lead and shape the activity and experience.


Huge white cloths and a box of pom poms can become a fabulous indoor snowball fight.


Throwing projections on all surfaces children are encouraged to explore the whole of a space – the floor,  the walls, the ceilings.


Children dismatled the ice bergs and created a new set for their stories, some built a train others a castle there was even a volcano!

The Whale and the Galaxy

Imagine their Shadow

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